As we ramp up to the premiere of Reactor, we’ve been creating some short online videos. Enjoy!

Mad Max
San Andreas
Jurassic World

I’m hosting a new show for Syfy beginning July 16th. You can learn more about it at Entertainment Weekly and by watching this video. I’m very excited about it, and I think you’re really going to like it. The show will involve viewers, so check back here from time to time, and I’ll update you before anyone else on how to get involved. If you would like to share the link and video online, I’d really appreciate it.

Kyla (I hope I’m spelling that right) colored in one of the previous month’s screenprints, and it turned out really cool. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show. The photos can be seen at the tumblr page.

I started drawing this piece of animation in 2008. I’m not sure what stalled it for so long, but I finally got around to finishing it. My friend Chris Fulford-Brown was nice enough to lend his musical skills. So, after 7 years in the making, here you go.