I was a guest on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. It’s one of the motherships of podcasts, and it’s easy to see why. A really comfortable environment, and Marc’s very relaxed and casual. I opened up a little more than I normally do.

This week I’ll be at ACME Comedy Co. in Minneapolis, MN. Next week I’ll be in Portland, OR for a stand-up show as well as a ‘Picture This’ show. Both shows are at the Curious Comedy Theater. All of the ticket links can be found on the Shows page.

The next Junk Show at the Copper Still (4485 Beverly Blvd) will be in June 8th at 8pm (although it usually starts around 8:15pm) The show will have great comics, animation, magic, music, and of course, the continuation of the 16 Second Story. To see some images from previous shows, as well as posters made by nice folks just wanting to help the show, visit the Junk Show Tumblr Page Thanks for supporting the show, and I hope to see you there.

I was on some podcasts recently. You can listen to them here:

Unpopular Opinion with Adam Tod Brown and Brian Dunkleman (Jeff May was there, but we all agreed not to include him)

Suicide Girls on TRadioV with Nicole Powers and Jaterna Suicide, Dave Williamson, and Danny Lobell.

Take me Home with Parker and Tyler. We chatted about Reno …mostly surrounding Nevada areas.

Feliz Navipod with Tony Thaxton (what a cool name, and a really nice fella) and my pal Dave Kloc.

The Mango Hour with Aaron Kee. He’s just a young, punk kid. But it was a thoroughly enjoyable conversation set to classical music.

TOFOP with my friend Wil Anderson. We talk about Chunk, Point Break, and getting zapped in the pants. One of my favorite podcasts.

Ronna and Beverly – they really pressed me to be more personal, and I fought them bitterly …but I enjoyed myself.

The Tom Barnard Show – Tom and his family were nice enough to have me in while I was in Minneapolis. We chatted about Anthony Camia and saying bad words.

And Professor Blastoff is still chugging along. We’ve done some of our personal favorite episodes lately. Give ‘em a listen.

I’ve started a monthly show at the Copper Still Bar in Los Angeles, which is part of the Jaragua El Salvadoran restaurant. It will be the second Sunday of every month, and it will have animation, stand-up, music, magic, sketches, and anything else that seems entertaining. So, if you find yourself in town, come see a show. The food there is great, and Nancy the bartender makes really good drinks.