I started drawing this piece of animation in 2008. I’m not sure what stalled it for so long, but I finally got around to finishing it. My friend Chris Fulford-Brown was nice enough to lend his musical skills. So, after 7 years in the making, here you go.

Every month at the Junk Show, we have someone tell 16 seconds of a story. Then we animate that segment and show it at the next show. As the segments stack together, the story unfolds. Here’s what the first year of that produced.

This month’s Junk Show is April 12th. There will be cake and buttons and lots of great acts. It’s also the same night as Game of Thrones, so I made this video.

Here’ another youtube video. This week’s is a stop motion I made with Chad Daniels and Emily Rose Oachs. Rob Crow did the music for it.