I’ve started a monthly show at the Copper Still Bar in Los Angeles, which is part of the Jaragua El Salvadoran restaurant. It will be the second Sunday of every month, and it will have animation, stand-up, music, magic, sketches, and anything else that seems entertaining. So, if you find yourself in town, come see a show. The food there is great, and Nancy the bartender makes really good drinks.

If you heard me mention on the podcast that I’m looking for some animation help, you came to the right place. The next step is emailing me, and I’ll tell you all about it. And if you’re an animator who just happens to be visiting my site, why not go ahead and email me? I have a project I’d love your help with. And if you think you’re too late, email anyway. Thanks!

i was a guest on their Nerd’s Forum. You can see the whole stream here. My CD Explosion Land mentions several of these concepts …but I don’t think they’d heard it.

We’ll be doing a live show December 8th at 9pm at the Irenic at the Casbah. We have a cool guest scheduled, and I’m really excited to have the person on the show. If you like local San Diego music, you’ll probably also be pleasantly surprised when you see who it is. We’ll be selling some posters of the image above …as long as I get them screened in time. Get tickets here, and we’ll see you at the Irenic.