OHB_DVD_out_FINALIn September of 2014, I did a Kickstarter project, and we raised money to build a set and rent some gear and film a comedy special at the New Movement Theater. About twenty animators from all over the world lent their abilities to creating the animation, and a group of really talented artists in Austin helped build the background pieces and set decorations. The finished product is available, and you can order it in digital form via Vimeo On Demand Here. The physical DVD has behind the scenes bonus features as well as a fully animated version of the show, and that will be available on this site soon. For now, if you’d just like to stream or download the stand-up/animation version, Vimeo is the only place to see it.

Here is a review of the DVD by theseriouscomedysite.com

You can also pre-order the physical DVD here:



I have started a new podcast. I sit down with smart folks and have beer and chat about the world. If you’d like to listen, please visit thespacecave.com. I hope you like it.

And here is a nice write-up about the first episodes by the A.V. Club.

Masi Oka

My show Reactor was cancelled, and this is the final drawing I did. Due to scheduling, we had to interview a guest a couple weeks before the episode in which the interview would appear. At that point, we were operating under the assumption that the show would continue. So, somewhere out there is the lost interview. For each guest, I drew a picture of them as a superhero. And this one is a World of Warcraft character that draws manga. Whatever he draws is how he defeats his opponent. I’ll post the other drawings on the sketches page at some point. Thanks to everyone who watched and supported the show. It was real fun to do while it lasted.

If you’d like to hear my voice in your ears and hear more about Reactor, here are some fun shows I was on recently:

Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend – She is charming and funny, and we chatted about eating, colorblindness, nicknames, and Reactor.
Do You Need a Ride – Chris Fairbanks, my old roommate, and Karen Kilgariff are as funny as they get. We drove around before Tig’s engagement party and chatted about virtually every subject. Things such as Black Floyd and getting your genitals tasered at a cuddle party.
Doug Loves Movies – no one has helped me more in my career than Doug Benson, and DLM continues to always be fun. I’m on this one with Wyatt Cenac along with Ben Blacker and Ben Acker from Thrilling Adventure Hour.
Unpopular Opinion – Adam Tod Brown hosts a fun show where I joined him along with Monrok to chat about C-O-N-spiracies. Has the JFK assassination been solved? He thinks so.
Fitzdog Radio – Greg Fitzsimmons has been one of my favorite comedians since I was first starting. I joined him to talk about war, race, religion, the afterlife, and shirt choices.
The Showcast – This was a new one, and I enjoyed it. Ben and Adam are nice fellas, and we chatted about Game of Thrones and other popular culture.
Sklarbro County – With the Mirror Men, my two favorite twins, the Sklar Buddies, and Dan Van Kirk. Recapping news stories from the week, it’s always fun with those maniacs. And High Vitale stops by.
TOFOP – Wil Anderson is one of the best dudes in comedy, and his podcast is always fun. In this one, we chat about virtually everything, and I get introduced to Russ LeRoq.
The Alex Stein Podcast – We recorded this over a year ago, but the audio was bad. Alex somehow figured out how to fix it, and here it is. I don’t really remember what we talked about, but it was enjoyable.