Posted by david on August 6, 2018

New Frames in Motion for your Ocular & Audio Enjoyment

Here it is August, and this is the first post. Yikes. Maybe in the future days with no net neutrality, where the hot sites cost extra money, perhaps this little dot com will be an enchanting little oasis where you can come and enjoy free entertainment. The same comics, videos, and links over and over. It should be quite a time.

Anyway, the point of this rambling is that there are some new features up on the site. One (and really, you probably already noticed this on the front page), you can stream the fully animated version of One-Headed Beast for only $1. Just click here, and it will zoom you right to the front page. And second, there are some new (a few years ago they were recorded, but I’m just now adding them to the site so you don’t have to go sifting through youtube) stand-up clips on the videos page. Enjoy!

Posted by david on December 5, 2017

Gofundme for my friend Chuck

All of the information is included on the page, but the short version is that Chuck has a heart issue that caused him to pass out and hit his head really heard. He was in a coma for a few weeks, and now he’s headed home, but he needs a lot of neuro therapy to get his brain back to normal. I know there are a lot of these causes to choose from, but if you enjoy helping artists who are also really good people – Chuck would be a great way to do that. And on top of that, I’d be in your debt for helping my friend when he really needs it.

Click here to help Chuck.


Posted by david on August 12, 2017


I have been a bit slack in posting updates to the site. I will put some stuff together soon with some photos from the Western US tour I did. And I’m currently at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and I’ll have some updates along the way. For the time being, I’ve been posting a few things on my instagram.

And One-Headed Beast came out on some streaming sites earlier in the week. You can get it on google plus, itunes, Amazon Prime, and this site Steam Powered that I had never heard of. And Paste magazine did a really nice review of it. If you’d like to read that before wading it, you can read it here. Thanks to Robert Ham for the kind words.

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Posted by david on April 12, 2017

Recent Podcast Appearances

I have been a guest on a few podcasts recently. If you’d like to hear me blather on about things, well these are just the links you are looking for.

Hang Out With Me – Ramin Nazer and I join Myq Kaplan to chat about the nature of reality, simulated existences, and things of that nature. They’re very smart, funny dudes, and I always enjoy our conversations. Plus, we learn who Frank expert is.

Unpopular Opinion – Adam Tod Brown and Jeff May and I try to figure out the most logical ways that WWIII might start.

Standing in the Stream pt. 1 – John Lane is a really talented musician, and he hosts a podcast where he interviews people about where they get their ideas, how they pursue creativity, and things like that. I don’t know if I provide much insight into those sorts of things, but I enjoyed our talk.

Joy Sandwich – My second visit to this fun show hosted by Non and Jessica where they explore what brings people joy. We talk about television this time, which kind of surprised them, but TV is really good right now.

Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend – I’ve been on this show a number of times recently, and it’s always really fun. Alison, Daniel, Jeff, Al, and Jenna are all delightful people, and the conversation wanders around in an enjoyable way.

And as always, you can hear me weekly on the Space Cave where I have conversations with scientists and artists over beer.

Posted by david on February 3, 2017

New Site Design and Such

Hello from the new As you can tell, I’m not the greatest web designer. But it serves as a place to store all my digital things, and do people even visit websites anymore? It feels like a creation by the powers-that-be to have everyone sharing and receiving ideas and information solely through sites that can easily track and monitor their information. And really, who cares? I think we’re all comfortable with giant entities owning our info. There’s an element of “Well, they’ll be too bogged down with everyone else. Why would they care about me?” And that makes some sense. I suppose personal websites are possibly going the way of video rental stores — unless it’s an online community with new ‘content’ uploaded hourly and lots of discussion. I have no interest in interacting with avatars regularly, and I think most of the stuff being pumped out at a frantic rate is devoid of any depth or thought or feeling. But my stuff, oh man, just check out all of that feeling. Really, this site is just an archive for some of the things I made over the years. I used to add new videos and blurbs pretty regularly, and I never opened up the option for comments. I feel that email, where at least in theory you have to consider your words before hitting send, was a more tolerable format for communication with a smaller chance of people’s ugly nature scratching its way to the surface. But the continual flow of opinions that has now become the digital space at large is the way the world works. I’m going to open comments on this post just to see if anyone drops by. It can be a nice little oasis out of the madness. Or if you decide to lob some insults my way, I guess I had that coming by opening the gate. Anyway, I’ll try to add more things like I did long ago. Thanks for swinging by. We’ll be getting Point Break on VHS and DVD next week, so check back then.


Oh, and here’s a new comic. The first I’ve drawn in about a decade. It’s a bit New Yorker-y, but trying times, man.