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KP Comedy – Gina Kirkland


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Jake Markovits - Avalon
9171 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 320
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: 310.887.5030


For more information about me, like if you want a more formal biography written in the third person by one of those biography writers that all comedians inevitably hire, this about page should have that. If we are meeting for the first time, whether in a fancy office with valet parking or a morning radio somewhere in the world, I hope you don't say, "tell me about yourself." In that event, there's a chance I will weave a tale about growing up in a traveling karate family. In real life, I am from Reno, Nevada, and that should get us started toward a real conversation. I have also released some CDs and an animated special that I'm fond of.