Starting Tuesday September 2nd, I’ll be raising money to shoot my first comedy special. It will have a unique set design, animation, and some other visual elements that I want to keep a surprise. It will last until September 30th. I’ve never sold ad space on this site. I prefer it that way, but if you have ever wanted to help with the site, this would be a great way. Here is the link.

If you think your contribution wouldn’t make a difference, you’re wrong. Even it’s only a dollar, it will only help. It’s a lot of money to try to get together, but some of that has to do with costs included in the kickstarter itself. They take a percentage, then you have to mail some of the rewards, and then there’s replicating copies of a DVD. That’s all on top of shooting it, recording sound, lighting it, editing it. That’s where the bulk of the funding will go. It could probably be done slightly cheaper, but I’m not sure how much. The crew has already volunteered to sleep on floors and share hotel rooms. We’re aiming for 25k, and I think this is the bare minimum to make something that does justice to the idea. I really believe in it. I think it’s creative, and so many creative people have volunteered their time and effort, I’d love to make it happen. I’m not very good at bothering people on the internet, but I feel compelled to in this situation. Anyway, thank you for your help if you have already contributed. And if you haven’t, maybe you’ll at least take a look?

Here’s a link. Thank you.

I usually don’t have comments available on this site, but if you have any suggestions for rewards or “tiers” that you’d like to see, please share them. I want everyone to feel involved and that it is something they’re a part of.

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  1. Good morning,

    Is the Mr Show belt magic? Or, has it been on any famous celebs or COULD it be rubbed on say, a Scott Aukerman or Paul Scheer? I’m looking to kickstart my own career in comedy a little differently WITH MAGICK!

    Fond Regards


  2. Just contributed to your Kickstarter, which I heard about on the podcast. Grateful for the many hours of laughter you’ve given me for free. Good luck, David, and have fun with the new venture!

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