Junk Show Sept 2016


To commemorate one year of doing my new podcast Space Cave, I drew and screenprinted some posters. There are only a few to be had, and they come signed and numbered. I’ll be adding more things to the shop over there like t-shirts and …more posters. I guess it’ll mostly be t-shirts and posters. Anyway, grab one if you’d like while they last. Here’s the link to it. And if you haven’t listened to the show, it’s me sitting down and having a beer with smart-types.

Nothingness-Poster-2016-06-15I’m doing a bunch of shows in the Midwest starting June 15th at the Improv in Kansas City. All the info can be found on the shows page. I hope to see you at one of them.

You can pick up one of these screenprints after each show if you’re so inclined.

Occasionally I do some writing for cracked.com, which is a cool site. If you haven’t visited, check it out. And here’s an article from me as a starting point. Why Planet 9 Isn’t Going to Destroy All Life on Earth.

The audio from the animated special is now available for digital download on itunes through Stand-Up! Records. Now you can own all 19 tracks and take them with you wherever you go.